Monday, 29 March 2010

I have been using the same Project Plan since the beginning of the music magazine project, I made the plan so that I can clearly set out all the things that needed to be done and so that i can effectively manage my time. However during the process i found some tasks took longer than others to do, for example the double page spread took longer to do compared to the front cover as there more things involved for the double page spread such as planning and writing the interview, planning the photos needed to be taken and of the editing that needed to be done. Because of the length of time that I spent working and re-working my double page spread, the Contents Page suffered because i had less time to organise myself and therefore I could not have as many drafts for improvement like my front cover and Double page spread. There were times where i missed a deadline for my double page spread, but I later regained myself, and met the extended deadline, which was good.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Final final final of Everything

This powerepoint shows the Finals of the publications that I done after completing many many drafts, and making improvements.

SLICK Magazine

This is the final of all the publications that I have done. I used the Microsoft publisure software to insert the front cover, contents page and double page spread, and then I saved it as a PDF document and used the online website to download the document.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Table Of Contents Drafts

As you can see I created a powerpoint to show the different changes that I had done to the contents page, which would make it better. This powerpoint gives notes on reasons why I made these changes and how it benefited the publication.

This is a powerpoint of the mock up for my contents page, this is the plan of what I might of wanted the contents page to look like, however this has changed due the feedabck that I recieved and later I made some changes that made my contents page look more professional.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Double Page Spread Drafts

First Draft
The first draft of my DPS showed that the main heading Ghetto Rgadolls,was lower down at the bottom of the page, with quite small font size for a main heading, and the images were over edited. The main image was extremely cartoon-like, because of the over blurring of their faces. Overall the first draft was just the starting point in order to make it better.

Second Draft
The changes that I made from the first draft include, re-editing the image again, this time making sure not to over blur the image, I decided not to make any drastic changes to do with editing like changing eye and hair colour, because I wnated the models to look as natural as possible. Also I moved the top line of the main heading to the top and made the size bigger.

Third Draft
Although I have made changes the most of the changes were good however the moving of the top line of the main heading to the be placed above the models, made the whole page have extra unnecessary space, therefore I decied to move the entire main heading to the top, which made the page look beeter as there was less space, and it showed off the full image of the models.